We Would Love for You to Join Us

The Pendleton Business Association would like to formally invite all businesses that are located within the South Madison School Corporation perimeter to join us! We want to extend that invite to all independent contractors, work-from-home businesses, non-profits, churches, groups, and more!

The Pendleton Business Association (PBA) has been a representative of the local business community for over 20 years. We strive to support local businesses and nonprofits with networking and marketing opportunities for our members. We also hold local events that bring in visitors from surrounding communities. The mission of the Pendleton Business Association is to promote and support the Pendleton, Indiana community by developing a strong network of local businesses to achieve the following objectives:

  • Stimulate,enhanceandnurtureaninvitingatmosphereforcivic, cultural, social, and economic activities in Pendleton.
  • Sponsoranddevelopeventstopromoteincreasedpublic awareness of Pendleton.

In addition to the networking opportunities that come along with becoming a member there are many other benefits listed on our PBA website home page that we encourage you to visit! (pendletonin.org)

The website has a registration page on the side column that allows for new businesses to join as well as current members to renew their membership. The PBA would love to have you join our efforts to build a strong business community in Pendleton.