Julian Healthcare Opens Office In Pendleton

Julian Healthcare, Pendleton

A new option for healthcare is coming to Pendleton starting September 26. Julian Healthcare is opening a satellite location at 210 East Water Street in Pendleton. The clinic is designed to provide a proactive approach to wellness using an emerging form of healthcare called functional medicine.

Functional medicine blends traditional medical care with holistic options to help patients find answers to health concerns. While Julian Healthcare will offer acute care for illnesses like strep throat and flu, the primary focus is on long-term health and prevention.

The clinic is led by Nurse Practitioner and Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner Susan Julian. Julian has more than 30 years of medical experience, becoming a nurse practitioner in 2004 and receiving her certification from the Institute for Functional Medicine in 2017.

Julian Healthcare is largely based on a membership model where patients have access to the staff outside of normal business hours for medical questions and concern. This model allows for greater accountability for the patient and better long-term outcomes. There are appointments available for non-members at a slightly higher cost.

The practice's primary location is in Hagerstown, approximately 30 miles east of Pendleton. Susan Julian grew up in Pendleton, the daughter of Bruce and Sally Owen. She and her husband, Jeff, both graduated from Pendleton Heights High School in 1982. She wanted to bring her services to her hometown and the surrounding area.

"It's been a joy to me to have the opportunity to help people find the root causes to long-term health challenges like diabetes, hormone imbalance, and fibromyalgia," noted Julian. "We are looking forward to serving the Madison County area and helping people live more whole and healthy lives."

Julian Healthcare's new office will share space with Kenneth Lau, DDS, and Family Dental of Pendleton. Office hours will begin September 26, with appointments available on Wednesdays and Fridays.

The Julian Healthcare staff is planning an open house in October to meet new and potential patients. For more information about Julian Healthcare, visit www.JulianHealthcare.com or call 765-530-8008.